Win the Bob's Family Award of Excellence for your site!

I appreciate the awards I've won and thought it was time to recognize websites that show the hard work and efforts of others. Once your website is considered a winner, you'll receive a link on the Winners Page.

To qualify for the Bob's Family Genealogy Award of Excellence, your website must:

  • contain real genealogical data and information (not just links to other websites)
  • contain appropriate content for all ages
  • be a personal website. No commercial websites will be eligible.
  • be efficiently designed. Easy navigation is very important!

A recipocal link back to Bob's Family Genealogy would be appreciated, but not required.

There are currently 2 different award designs for the year 2004. Please complete this form and pick the award that would best suit your website. Your website will be reviewed and you will be notified within 72 hours.

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