Early Drumheller History

The Beginning of the U.S. Drumhellers.

Leonard Drumheller (Johannes Leanard Drumheller) and his wife Henrietta "Hetty" were both born in Germany. They came to Pennsylvania on the ship "Mary and Sarah" which sailed from Amsterdam via Portsmouth, England to Philadelphia where it landed 26 Oct 1754. Leonard's signature is on the ship's passenger list and the port list. They had three for four children at the time of arrival and settled in the Western District of Berks County, PA. Several of their children stayed in Berks County but Leonard and Hetty came south to Albemarle County, probably in 1783 when Leonard bought land there. Their children are listed below. Leanard died in Albemarle County in 1797 leaving his wife and several children.

  • John (b. Germany-d.1815 Berks Co.) m. Regina
  • Henrietta (b. Germany-8Jan1858 Alb) m. Jacob Eberhard
  • Nicholas (1750 Germany-26Mar1823 Berks Co.) m Margaret Fisher and Catharine
  • Samuel (a1754Germany-) m. Ann Henley
  • Jacob (-2Mar1784 Berks Co.)
  • William
  • Adam m. (possibly second marraige) Nancy Hicks 24Apr1813
  • A. Margaret m John Hd. Schriebel
  • George Leonard (24Jun1762 Berks Co.-10May1848 Alb) m. Betsy Helander 10 Dec 1789 Alb
  • Leonard (Sep1764-22Oct1841) m Anna Hundley 1800 Alb
  • Michael
  • David (1771 Berks Co.-8Feb1859 Berks Co.) m. Elizabeth

Leonard was born in Berks County, PA 3 Sep1764 as recorded in the records of St. Joseph Hill Church, Pike Township, 1754-1800. A strange volume in the Albemarle Court House called the "index of Miscellaneous Papers" gives a great deal of information about Leonards children and grandchildren as they were all involved in Court Case 1893, Bowen vs. Drumheller. The original court papers are supposed to be stored at the Virginia State Library in Richmond. Leonard died in Albemarle County 22Oct1841.

Much additional information was obtained from Leonard's Revolutionary War pension papers. He married Anna Hundley in 1800 in Albemarle County according to these papers, although no license has been found. Many 1800 marriage bonds are missing from the Albemarle Court House. She died 8Dec1857 in Albemarle. In 1805, Leonard bought 82 acres of land from Thomas and Sara Toms on the headwaters of the Hardware River which would have included Appleberry Mountain. This adjoined the Tom's land where William Critzer came to live with his bride Aseana Toms in 1819. Leonard and his brothers George and Adam also bought 267 acres from William Goolsby in 1787 in the same vicinity.

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