The Drumheller Family

Drumheller Census Information

1880 Census

NameOccupation Age
John D. DrumhellerNone Listed 51
Elvira (wife)Keeping House 50
William (son)Laborer 19

John was a farmer before the Civil War. After, he opened and operated a store in Rockfish, Virginia. John and Elvira were in ill health in later years and lived with Zechariah in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

NameOccupation Age
Lycurgus DrumhellerLaborer
Sarah (wife)Keeping House 32 or 33
Ausborn (son)6
Walter (son)4
Ida (daughter)2
Jennie (??) (daughter) 1

NameOccupation Age
Messiah Drumheller24
Arabelle (wife)Keeping House
John (son)2
Ada (daughter)b. March 22, 1880

Note states "richer than some in family. Operated same store as John."

1900 Census

NameDate of Birth Age
Harry DrumhellerDecember 1891 8
Mack (brother)August 1889 10
Kyle (sister)September 1844 5

Notes state Census from Rockfish, Nelson County, Virginia. Volume 35, Edition 90, Sheet 14, Line 33. Also states Harry was later stepfather of R. L. Falwell)

NameDate of Birth Age
Messiah DrumhellerJanuary 1850 49
Arabelle (wife)December 1860 39
Ruby (daughter)May 1886 13
Lottie (daughter)June 1896 3

1920 Census

NameDate of Birth Age
Harry Drumheller30
Lenna (wife)May 1891 29
Clinton C. (son)Aug 1912 7
Margaret G. (daughter)Feb 1919 2 mos.

NameDate of Birth Age
Lorenzo Drumheller36
Geneva (wife)31
Iona (daughter)12
Margie (daughter)2 or 7
Avenil (daughter)4
Lorenzo W. (son)(??) 2

NameDate of Birth Age
Mack Drumheller
Jessie N. (wife)28
Diane L. (daughter) 11
Travis T. (son)7
Madge H.7 mos.

NameDate of Birth Age
Zac Edward Drumheller 54
Cornelia (wife)52
Zac E., Jr. (son)20
James Fife11
William Martin
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